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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Commercial Cleaning

  • Do you provide COVID-19 related cleaning?

    Our company offers specialized cleaning services to address concerns surrounding the transmition of Coronavirus. The health and safety of your employees and customers is of the utmost importance. We can provide full-building medical grade cleaning to ensure that your space is safe. Our cleaners are also following CDC recommended best practices in carying out cleaning and interacting with clients. We can do full building sanitatization and disinfecting and electrostatic sprayer application for the best results anywhere in the market. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to our office.

  • How often can you clean my business?

    We offer office cleaning services on whatever schedule you need. We our commercial cleaners can work daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or anywhere in between. Our goal is to not interrupt the regular flow of your business so we are as flexible as we can be to meet your schedule. We can clean daytime, evening, or night hours so we don't interfere with your clients or employees. We also offer daytime, evening, or night cleaning. Whenever you need us to clean, we can be available!

  • What if I have a cleaning emergency?

    We know the unpredictability of business, which is why we offer emergency cleaning services. Give us a call and we can offer fast response times to keep any mess from interfering with your business. Our professional cleaning staff will have you cleaned up and back in action in no time.

  • Do you offer environmentally friendly cleaning products?

    Going green is a big priority! Our cleaning company offers green cleaning products on request to help your business stay environmentally friendly. If interested don't hesitate to ask our commercial janitorial team.

  • How do you ensure my business is properly cleaned?

    Our professional staff are well versed in keeping your business clean and properly maintained. We utilize a two color cleaning system which means there is never any crossover between what cleans your bathrooms and what cleans the rest of your surfaces. We also ensure every commercial cleaner we send out is well versed in the types of cleaners to use in various situations.

  • How much does professional cleaning cost?

    Commercial cleaning services are highly customizable. When you give us a call we will put together a quote at no cost to you. This includes discussing your needs for frequency, cleaning times, scope of cleaning, and more. We can work with you to offer the most competitive rates of any cleaning service in the business!